Paraplyorganisation for nordiske pibeklubber

Foreningens formål er
at samle alle, der har lyst til at dele de glæder, som piben har at byde dem
der dyrker den og tobakken med besindighed og eftertanke

Who are we?

Nordic Smoker's Guild (NSG) is a society
for all interested in pipes and tobacco.
NSG was established in 1971 by some people
with a mutual interest in pipes and tobacco.

Today NSG counts roughly 650 members.
Most of the members, however, are associated
through membership of one of the 18 local pipe clubs
from the Nordic countries.

The main purpose of NSG is to create a forum for all
those interested in pipes and tobacco to meet and
exchange experiences and have a pleasant time together.
Through co-operation with the pipe and tobacco industry,
such as manufactures, wholesale dealers, importers,
and retail sellers, NSG informs its members about the
current pipe and tobacco market and seeks to protect
the pipe smokers' interest.
Furthermore, NSG constantly seeks to extend the knowledge
about and to protect the pleasure of pipe smoking.

To achieve these goals, NSG publishes the quarterly Danish magazine
"Piber & Tobak" and through membership of the pipe smokers
international organization, CIPC (Comite International de Pipe Clubs),
NSG seeks to influence the development of pipe smoking in a positive
direction on the world market.

Once a year, NSG arranges the Danish Championship slow pipe smoking
contest, during which the Danish Pipeman of the Year is also appointed.

The latest initiative is the establishment of the "Copenhagen City
Cigar Club" (CCCC), the purpose of which is to hold Cigar-conferences.

As a member of NSG, either directly or through membership in one of the
local associated clubs, you get:
* A free subscription to the quarterly magazine "Piber & Tobak"
* 5-6 newsletters from NSG yearly
* The DM (Danish Championship) brochure once a year
* A discount when participating in the annual DM
* The oportunity of participating in the official European and World competitions

NSG's meetings take place 3-4 time a year
Here are the dates.

A meeting can include:
- a visit to a pipe maker or to a pipe factory
- a visit to a well-known tobacco dealer
- a meeting with a famous person from the pipe and tobacco industry
- viewing films about pipes and tobacco
- a local smoking competition
- testing new tobacco's
- a competition with blindfolded tobacco tasting
- or whatever the members may decide in a friendly atmosphere

This is probably just the right thing for you. Being a pipe smoker,
wouldn't you like to know more about pipes and tobacco? To meet other
enthusiastic pipe smokers? To talk about pipes and tobacco? To hear news
about this field? And not least important: to be allowed to smoke your
pipe in peace!

All of this you will experience as a member of NSG, either directly or
through one of the many local clubs all over the country.

The subscription fee for 2022 is 275.00 DKK.
Bank details: IBAN: DK56 3000 0002 3018 57, SWIFT-BIC: DABADKKK, Danske Bank

To subscribe, contact:
Nordic Smokers Guild
c/o Ib Fagerlund
Laagegyde 17
DK-2980 Kokkedal
Phone: +45 4060 1379
Email: ib@n-t.dk
Here you can also get further information on NSG or the
local pipe clubs.

Peter B. Lau
President of Nordic Smoker's Guild


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Danish Championship 2020

The 2020 Danish Championship takes place Sunday 22 March in Serapions Ordenen, Frederiksberg C - close to the Copenhagen Central Station.

The competition is open for everyone and tables in the Pipe Show can be ordered from Hans-Henrik Clausen